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No-minimum payout.
Pay after 24 hour.
PTP $0.75 cmp.


DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

ValePTR.com: No Minimum Payout



Site Statistics
Total Members : 988
Total Payouts : $120.44
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Welcome to Vinamails!


Free membership for international, English speaking people
One level referral commission of 10% for points and cash
No further activity requirement to earn from downline
PTP links for free and upgraded members up to $0.75 CPM
Earn 20% from your referer. 1 level.
Additional activity requirements for Affiliate Page and PTP promoters (50 clicks monthly)
No-minimum payout via Paypal and LibertyReserve, no fee.
Payouts are made in 48 hours.
Inactives and cheaters are deleted daily
Clicking software, cheating and proxy users NOT allowed


Advertise with very low price.
Ads usually been processed within 48 hours
Advertising of adult content or illegal sites will NOT be accepted

This site is not a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program. Members of Vinamails are not required to have a website or sell any goods nor to refer new members to this website. This is not a get rich scheme. Vinamails is an internet advertising program in which you receive payment solely on the reading and clicking you perform.

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